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Allan Gardens Park and Conservatory is a major landmark and tourist attraction in downtown
. It is a public botanical garden and features six greenhouses with permanent plant collection (sub-tropical garden, Palm House and cacti) and seasonal plants.

Allan Gardens were established in 1858 in the downtown core in Toronto. The Palm House was created in 1910 and is comparable to similar gardens in England and USA. Allan Gardens were named after George William Allan who was a politician and cultural leader. Allan Gardens cover over 16,000 sq ft (0.3 acres) and has the largest collection of pandanus (Madagascar tropical pine) in Toronto. Allan Gardenís permanent plant collection includes orchids, hibiscus, cacti, caladiums and various palm trees.

During the spring Allan Gardens seasonal plants bloom in all their glory. This is also one of the best times to visit the gardens.
Allan Gardens Conservatory Toronto
Where is Allan Gardens Conservatory: 19 Horticultural Ave.

How to get to Allan Gardens Conservatory: From College Subway Station transfer to Carlton Streetcar #506 east. From Sherbourne Subway Station transfer to Sherbourne Bus #75 south.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Allan Gardens Palm House Toronto
Allan Gardens Toronto
Allan Gardens, seasonal plants greenhouse

Allan Gardens Toronto
Allan Gardens, cacti greenhouse

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User Comments about Allan Gardens Conservatory

pina says:
Allan Gardens is my favourite place in Toronto. I particulary love to go there in the spring. It is an oasis during the winter months.

Esther says:
THE place to go when you have the winter blues. No noise, no crowds, no spending... just peace, sunshine, and abundant life.

GRACE says:
Allan Gardens is my favourite place

joannie says:
The Gardens is a wonderful spot for seasonal photography. The most beautiful, and cared for plants ever, and beautiful subjects for my hobby of photography.