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Australia Travel Guide

Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere. The country covers the Australian continent, Tasmania, and multiple islands such as the Melville Island, the Kangaroo Island, and the King Island, among others. Neighboring states of Australia are East Timor, Indonesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. The capital of Australia, Canberra, is situated in the Australian Capital Territory and has a population of 345 thousand residents. Other large cities include Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, and Townsville, among others.

Weather wise, any time is suitable to visit Australia. When the cold season arrives at the southern part, the weather is lovely in the central and the northern regions. Moreover, Australia is famous for its outstanding beaches, outdoor partying, Australian football, the Australian Open, the kangaroo and other unique marsupials, Ned Kelly, and amazing wilderness landscapes. Australia is the host of multiple festive celebrations such as the Hobart Summer Festival, the Country Music Festival, the Adelaide Festival of Arts, and many other large scale events. Furthermore, Australia has been the home of many prominent authors such as the Nobel Prize Laureate Patrick White, the winner of the Booker Prize Thomas Keneally, Sally Morgan, Kim Scott, and others writers.

In terms of art, the Arnhem Land is the cradle of the Australian artistic tradition. The sandstone plateau holds prehistoric indigenous paintings of people, animals, European-style ships, and mythological creatures. Australia contains more than 500 protected national parks which encompass rainforests, coastal dunes, and magnificent mountain ranges. In terms of architectural achievements, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world’s tallest arch structure. The contemporary architecture of the country reflects the influence of the English design as well as the impact of the multicultural Australian identity. The construction of the Australian cities has combined many elements of the Georgian, the Federation, and the Victorian architectural styles.

Sydney: charming beaches, busy nightlife, and lots of sun.