Austria cities, attractions and photos


Austria is a Central European country which borders with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The capital of this mountainous country, Vienna, is situated in eastern Austria and has a population of approximately 1.7 million residents. The capital hosts the headquarters of major organizations of international magnitude such as the UN and the OPEC. Other large Austrian cities include: Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, and Salzburg, among others.

Visitors can come to Austria at any time but their choice comes with a range of seasonal sports and activities. Summer time is best for mountain hiking, biking, and swimming. Obviously, the winter season is best suited for skiing. Festive events take place throughout the year. In general, Austria is famous for the Hapsburgs, classical music, waltz, multiple cathedrals, the Viennese Actionism, Viennese cafes, winemaking, other figures, events, and landmarks. The country is the birthplace of many recognized classical composers such as Josef Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, and numerous others.

Austria is a showcase of splendid buildings from various historic periods. The burial site in Grossklein is the oldest buildings found in the Austrian lands. The Romanesque period is marked by heavy constructions, together with reliefs and statuettes. The Millstatt’s Benedictine Abbey and the Gurk’s cathedral represent some of the most brilliant examples of Gothic architecture. Other famous Gothic buildings include Stephansdom, the Goldenes Dahl, and the Kornmesserhous. Prominent Baroque frescos, produced by the Austrian artist Johann Rottmayr, may be observed at the Stift Klosterneuburg and the Salzburg’s Residenz. Austria boosts many world famous artists such as Friedrich Gauermann, August von Pettenkofen, and Gustav Klimt. The contemporary artist Egon Schiele has been applauded as well as criticized. His works feature bright colours, minimalist lines, and female figures.

Salzburg, where Mozart was born, is one of the top European tourist destinations and is famous for its castles (see Hohensalzburg Fortress), churches (see Salzburg Cathedral, Franziskanerkirche - Franciscan Church) and palaces (see The Residenz).

Salzburg is the oldest and most significant cultural centre in Austria today.

Vienna is the capital of the nineteenth century ball.