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Washington, DCís Bartholdi Park is an idyllic oasis of sculpted gardens, featuring an illuminated, neoclassical fountain created by famous French sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, whom also created The Statue of Liberty. This tiny, urban sanctuary, right next to the Rayburn House office building and across the street from the Botanic Garden, is a favorite of visitors and office workers, to relax with lunch or a coffee, and admire the beautiful, themed gardens and the Bartholdi fountain.

International Centennial - The Bartholdi Park was specifically created in 1932, as a home for the stunning, Bartholdi fountain, which was purchased by the United States, after it was exhibited at the Philadelphia, International Centennial, in 1876. The fountain was first, placed at the old site of the Botanic Garden, by the Capitol, and later dismantled, when the garden was re-located in 1927. The Bartholdi Park is a perfect spot for this magnificent, classical fountain, that wasnít named Bartholdi Park until 1985.

While the fountain was displayed at the 1876, International Centennial, it caused quite a stir, with its classically beautiful design, and use of modern, cast iron construction. Landscape designer, Frederick Law Olmsted, advised Washington, to buy the Bartholdi fountain, for the capital city, and it has been a beloved fixture of the Washington, DC, urban landscape ever since.

The Fountain - The use of cast iron techniques by Bartholdi, for his fountain was considered, unique and modern for his time in the late 1800s. The fountain was molded from cast iron, and painted to resemble bronze. The fountain is quite dramatic, adorned with a sea theme, using, turtles, sea shells, sea nymphs, fish and tritons. The fountain is quite impressive at 30 feet high, which is illuminated by glass globes at the base and the top of the water basin.

The Bartholdi fountain is a spectacular sight in the evening, when the golden glow of the lights illuminates the exquisite details of the fountain, and the flowing water. Visitors were drawn to the fountain, during the turn of the century, when it was then, the only city landmark illuminated in the nighttime.

Where is Bartholdi Park: Independence Ave SW and 1st St. SW

How to get to Bartholdi Park: Subway to Federal Center SW Station (Orange, Blue Lines )

Bartholdi fountain Washington

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