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Beverly Hills is the most popular residential area favored by the rich and famous together with Malibu. A drive along the streets South and North of Sunset Boulevard can offer you a glimpse of the multimillion dollar mansions of movie stars and people in the entertainment industry. The mansions are eclectic, some stupendous some modest with quiet streets lined with beautiful palm trees.

Beverly Hills City Hall was built in 1932 in Spanish Renaissance style. The City Hall was designed by the Koerner and Gage design firm. Later in the 90’s Beverly Hills City Hall was expanded linking it to the modern additions of the Beverly Hills Police Station and the Beverly Hills Fire Station and creating the Beverly Hills Civic Center.

The movie “Beverly Hills Cop” with Eddie Murphy was partly filmed here at the City hall. Beverly Hills City Hall with its unmistakable Spanish Colonial cupola covered with tiles and gilded roof makes it the most recognizable and beautiful buildings in Beverly Hills.

Rodeo Drive is known for its high end shopping. The area along Rodeo Drive is also a prime spotting area for celebrities. The street is lined with French and Italian fashion boutiques, Jewelry Stores and local retailers. 2 Rodeo Drive and its "Spanish Steps" is a popular tourist attraction at the heart of the shopping district in Beverly Hills.

Where is Beverly Hills City Hall: 455 N. Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills City Hall Los Angeles

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