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Big Ben is probably one of best-known landmarks in London. It is the clock tower or to be more particular the 14 ton bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament and was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the First Commissioner of Works.

The clock-tower was built between 1858-59 and is 316 feet high Ė 96.3 meters. The bell weights 13.5 tons.
The clock itself is the largest in Britain and is 7.6 m in diameter (25 feet). The hour hand is 2.7 m (9ft) long and the minute hand is 4.26 m (14ft) long.

The clock is very reliable and accurate and has rarely stopped. Its first broadcast was on New Year's Eve in 1923. The clock's mechanism was designed by Edmund B. Denison.

During the Second World War the House of Commons was destroyed by the bombings but the clock tower was spared.

Where is Big Ben: Houses of Parliament, Bridge Street, SW1

How to get to Big Ben: Subway - Circle, District, Jubilee lines to Westminster station.
Big Ben London
Big Ben, London

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Amorie van Straaten says:
When I stood next to Big Ben in July 2006, I realized just how little humankind is. It looks great on pictures, but feels enormous to experience being their in real life.

diva_3265 says:
big ben was actually firds t bradcasted on christmas eve 1989. :)

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i love it

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There are many facts about Big ben which is unexplored.

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I Love The Big Ben Heīs so Big And famous :*

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I love Big Ben i wonder if i could see it one day and i think there is a lot unexplored things which could be found one day!!!!!!!!!

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My dream is to visit London and first of all Big Ben. I`d like to tell my students about such sight of interest as Big Ben. Some days ago I have prepared the presentation about London sightseens. But I need more information and in ditails.