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One of the most magnificent mosques in the world is the Sultanahmet Camii or Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The construction began in 1609 and took seven years to complete. The chief architect was Mehmet Aga. The Mosque was designed in classical Ottoman architectural design. It was built over the ancient Hippodrome and faced the Hagia Sophia, another incredible Mosque. It originally comprised of a hospital, school, market and tomb for the Sultan and his family. Today it is still used as a working Mosque in Istanbul. It closes five times a day for prayer. There are no shoes allowed in the Mosque and it is important to dress modestly before entering. Non-worshippers must enter through the north entrance. The west entrance is the main entrance. It is from this approach that the beauty of the architecture is best appreciated.

The shining grey domes of the Mosque were built to look as if they go up to heaven. There are two hundred sixty windows that light up the twenty thousand blue tiles in the ceiling of the dome. The ceramic tile at the lower level have a more traditional design but as one continues looking up the tiles become more elaborate. The tiles were made to represent flowers, fruits and trees. Persian rugs cover the floors while quotes from the Koran can be found on the walls. There are six minarets on the Mosque. These are still in use to call the people to prayer. The Sultan received some criticism for the six minarets. Up until then only the Haram Mosque in Mecca had so many. In order to end this criticism, The Sultan added another minaret to the Mosque in Mecca. There are chains hanging from the ceiling of the west entrance. They hang low enough so that every person entering was forced to bow his head in respect. Even the Sultan who often arrived on horseback had to lower his head when entering.

Stop at the tomb of the Sultan. It is located on the north side and faces Sultanahmet Park. The Sultan died just one year after the Blue Mosque was completed. He was only twenty seven years old. The tomb is also decorated with blue tiles and was large enough to allow the Sultanís wife and three sons to be buried with him.

Where is Blue Mosque: Atmeydani Cd

Blue Mosque Istanbul
Blue Mosque, Istanbul

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