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Brooklyn Bridge - a must see for everyone visiting New York City is to take a walk across The Brooklyn Bridge. It offers a splendid view of New York City and Manhattan. On a clear day you can easily spot the Statue of Liberty.

The iconic suspension bridge connects Manhattan with Brooklyn and has two Gothic inspired towers and lots and lots of cables. It is one of the most remarkable engineering wonders of the 19th century. Brooklyn Bridge is the first bridge that uses steel cables and is the oldest suspension bridge in America. The closer you get to the first tower you will notice the plaques describing the building of the bridge. The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge began in 1870 and was finished in 1883.

You can enter the bridge from Park Row. There is a sidewalk and a bicycle lane so beware of the cyclists! They usually ride very fast so donít stand in their lane. From the pedestrian path you get unforgettable views of Manhattan, Municipal Building, and Woolworth Building.

When you cross the bridge into Brooklyn donít forget go to Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It is a perfect place for a stroll and offers stunning views of Manhattan skyline.

Where is Brooklyn Bridge: Park Row and Centre St.

How to get to Brooklyn Bridge: Subway J,M,Z,4,5,6 to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall

Brooklyn Bridge New York
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan

Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan Skyline
Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan Skyline

Brooklyn Bridge Panorama

Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan

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