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Regarded as one of the world's most picturesque and beautiful cities, Budapest is a celebrated and popular tourist location in Central Europe. Split into two different cities; Buda and Pest, the city straddles the Danube river, with two cities split along the river's edge. Easily accessible from all major European airports and travel sites, Budapest is the ideal destination for tourists looking for a unique, historical Hungarian experience.

Founded during the expansion of the Roman Empire in 89 AD, and previously known as the township of Aquincum, Budapest has had a long and exciting history. Due to the city's location in Central Europe, it has been a popular target for sieges and has played an important strategic role in Central Europe's military and political history. Because of this varied history, it is home to a wide and varied range of historical and cultural sites, including the much celebrated Budapest Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Budapest's Chain Bridge is a world famous bridge, connecting the two halves of the city. Built in 1849, the bridge is a popular site for tourists and photographers, and serves as a perfect navigational hub for travellers that are unfamiliar with the city. Along with the bridge, the Budapest Parliament Building is a massive neogothic masterpiece built on the banks of the Danube River. As one of Budapest's most important and architecturally magnificent sites, the building is a popular tourist attraction in the downtown area.

Budapest is a world famous spa city, and no trip to the Hungarian capital would be complete without a dip in one of the city's many bathing facilities. The Gellért Baths, located at the base of Gellért Hill, are one of the most visually impressive bath houses in the city, and are conveniently located for travellers near the Liberty Bridge. Gellért Hill itself is a popular tourist location, offering picturesque and scenic views over the city's many bridges and historical buildings.

The City Park extends through downtown and incorporates its own district. One of Budapest's most relaxed and peaceful suburbs, the area is home to the State Opera House. Heroes' Square, at the far end of the City Park, is one of Budapest's most interesting public areas, and is home to some magnificent statues. Within the park itself is Vajdahunyad Castle, a small castle built on a lake inside the park. In winter, when the lake is iced over, ice skaters use the area for practice and recreation. The castle itself is now home to an agricultural museum.

As home to some of Hungary's most interesting cultural, historical and architectural sites, Budapest is a must see for anyone travelling through Central Europe. As the capital of a country with a highly interesting recent history, Budapest is a history buff's dream destination. Packed with picturesque sites, charming small shops and restaurants, and stunning views from the city's surrounding hills, Budapest is one place that you most certainly have to visit on your next Hungarian holiday.

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