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Buenos Aires

As the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is one of the largest and most exciting cities in Latin America. Home to some of the most impressive and interesting cultural and historical sites in Argentina, Buenos Aires is truly the centre of activity for the entire country. With a population of over 13 million within the urban area, and over 3 million within the city itself, Buenos Aires is a destination offering massive variety, a myriad of attractions, and some of the best nightlife in South America.

Plaza de Mayo, often considered the center of Buenos Aires, is home to many of the best accommodation sites and tourist locations in the city. With many budget hotels and hostel rooms available, the Plaza is the perfect base for any travellers that are beginning to explore the city. With the large May Pyramid and a stunning Argentine cathedral within it's grounds, it's the perfect spot to explore before venturing out into the rest of Buenos Aires.

The Recoleta Cemetery, known to locals as The Cementerio de la Recoleta, is an interesting site for those wishing to find out about Buenos Aires' aristocratic history. Home to many of Buenos Aires' high society tombs, the cemetery is full of immense and highly detailed tombs and gravestones. Near the cemetery, there is a popular artists market and artisans' fair, which is a great place to pick up some signature Argentinian goods.

Anyone looking to enjoy Buenos Aires' exciting nightlife scene will feel at home in the trendy bohemian neighborhood of San Telmo. Home to some of Buenos Aires' trendiest cafes, bars and restaurants, the suburb is a must-do for anyone wishing to experience Buenos Aires' legendary nightlife. Spend the early hours of the evening eating and drinking at one of the many fine bars and restaurants, and in the later hours drop in to an Argentinian tango club. Tango is a way of life here, and the local tango clubs, known as Milongas to locals, are the best places to experience it. Pop in and dance well into the night, with many tango clubs offering lessons and demonstrations for tourists. La Boca, the world famous tango district, is home to many tango houses open for tourists and experienced dancers.

Buenos Aires is also one of the world's best shopping cities, with the area surrounding Florida street home to some of the city's best boutique shops, shopping malls and exclusive designer stores. Florida street is also an exciting spot at night, with many bars open and street performers creating an exciting atmosphere.

Offering a massive variety of activities, locations, and learning opportunities, Buenos Aires really is one of the most exciting and accessible destinations in Latin America. With it's rich history, large range of cultural sites, and exciting atmosphere and nightlife, Buenos Aires should be on every traveller's to-do list for South America.

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