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Calton Hill overlooks Edinburgh city centre and is just east of the New Town offering splendid views of the city. Three monuments were built on Calton Hill. Two of them The National Monument and the Dugald Stewart Monument have Greek influenced architecture.

Dugald Stewart Monument was built in 1831 and was designed by William Henry Playfair and is dedicated to the Scottish philosopher Dugald Stewart. It is based on the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates in Athens, Greece.

The National Monument is modeled on the Parthenon in Athens and was designed by Charles Robert Cockerell in 1822. It was dedicated to the soldiers who died in the Napoleonic Wars.

Nelson's Monument is a tower commemorating Admiral Horatio Nelson and his triumph over the Spanish and French navy at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The monument was designed by Robert Burn to look like a telescope. It was built between 1807 and 1815 and later a building was added which looks like a base of the tower. The top of Nelsonís monument is adorned with a mast.

Calton Hill also is a home of the Scottish Government headquarters and The Scottish Parliament Building.
Nelson's Monument Calton Hill Edinburgh
Dugald Monument Edinburgh

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