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Campo dé Fiori is a must see attraction in Rome. Campo dé Fiori is one of the liveliest piazzas in all of Rome and the reason is the colorful, open-air market. It makes this square a magnet for locals and for tourists with the wide selection of flowers, fruit, vegetables, fish and spices.

The surrounding narrow streets so typical for Europe are charming and not as crowded. At the center of the square is the statue of Giordano Bruno, the philosopher, who was burnt at the stake here, for heresy, in 1600.

Where is Campo dé Fiori: Close to Piazza Venezia and Victor Emmanuel Monument

How to get to Campo dé Fiori: Bus route 40, 46, 62, 116
Campo dé Fiori Giordano Bruno Rome
Campo dé Fiori, Giordano Bruno, Rome

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