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Capri is an island off the Amalfi coast in Campania, Italy. Capri is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region of south Italy. Found in the Gulf of Naples, it has been a favorite resort of writers and artists. Today, the island is a favorite summer destination of many celebrities. The Island of Capri has been a trendy place for relaxation since Roman times. Its natural beauty and warm climate made Capri a popular resort for Europeans in the 19th century - artists, writers and celebrities began visiting Capri and later it became a magnet for tourists.

There are two ports, Marina Grande, which is the main port and transport hub, and Marina Piccola. All ferries and hydrofoils call at Marina Grande. There are taxes and buses from the port, but the quickest way to reach the town is by funicular. Buses and taxes stop at Piazza Victoria in Anacapri. Capri has two small towns - City of Capri which is the main center and the Community of Anacapri located on the west side of the island.

There are plenty of things to do and see on Capri. The most important sights include Villa Jovis, Grotta Azzurra, Monte Solaro, and Via Krupp. The footpath Via Krupp connects Marina Piccola with the Gardens of Augustus and the Charterhouse of San Giacomo. Monte Solaro is a mountain and the home to many plant and animal species such as broom, smilace, heather, acanthus, and others. The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) is a cave on the west side of the island and one of the symbols of Capri. Inside the cave the sea has an amazing blue color and seems to be lit from underwater - therefore its name. There are guided tours to the Blue Grotto departing from Marina Grande – Capri’s main port. The Roman palace Villa Jovis, built by Emperor Tiberius, is a brilliant example of Roman architecture from the 1st century. The south wing of the complex contained administrative buildings, and the west wing served as a hall. The north wing housed the living quarters, and the east wing was intended for receptions. Villa Malaparte or Casa Malaparte is a house built by Adalberto Libera, a creative and influential architect, influenced by Futurism and Rationalism. Capri Island ItalyThe house is a fine example of contemporary architecture, with a rooftop patio, pyramidal stairs, and red masonry. Vila San Michele is another local attraction, built by the Swedish naturalist and psychiatrist Alex Munthe. The most impressive components of the villa are the gardens and terraces, opening magnificent views to the Bay of Naples. The Axel Munte House is another local attraction and the home of Axel Munte. He was an architect, doctor, and lover of art and antiques, gardens, and animals. Munte was a compassionate physician and a visionary who loved the fauna and flora of the island. Tourists enjoy the extraordinary house, lovely garden, and great views. The outdoor and indoor café serves a selection of cakes and sandwiches, with visitors enjoying lunch in serene and pleasant surroundings.

Other points of interest on Capri include the Gardens of Augustus, Belvedere Cannone, and Certosa di San Giacomo. The Carthusian Certosa di San Giacomo is divided into buildings for the guests, buildings for the monks, the women’s church and the pharmacy. The monastery is built in the Renaissance style and is decorated with marble columns. Today, it houses a high school and the Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach museum, dedicated to Karl Diefenbach, a social reformer, painter, and pioneer of the peace movement. Another interesting museum to visit is the Museo Ignazio Cerio, which consists of several rooms – the protohistoric and prehistoric room, the palaeontology and geology room, the archeology room, and the botany and zoology room. Ignacio Cerio himself was an amateur philosopher and a medical doctor. The center that was founded in his honor organizes meetings and conferences on foreign and Italian literature, local and international history, and archeology. Museo Ignazio Cerio, found in Palazzo Cerio, holds more than 20,000 archeological and naturalistic finds, featuring fascinating biological, historical, and geological exhibits. The museum holds collections of ceramics, mosaic fragments, prehistoric objects, and small bronze artifacts. Visitors can see fossils, rocks, and minerals, donated by R. Bellini.

When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of top-end, luxurious hotels in Capri, but a few options for budget travelers. Note that camping is forbidden. Many hotels close between March and November and are sold out during the summer months. It is important to book ahead.

Capri Island ItalyHotels you can check include Hotel Excelsior Parco, Hotel La Tosca, and La Scalinatella, among others. Hotel Excelsior Parco is situated close to the port, the church of Saint Costanzo, and Marina Grande Beach. It is an elegant hotel with comfortable and spacious rooms, equipped with modern amenities. There are recreational activities, nearby or on site, including airplane and helicopter tours, motor boating, Pilates classes, and aerobics. Rates range from $195 to $497 per night.

Hotel La Tosca is a midrange hotel, found in a quiet location. The rooms are tidy and comfortable, and the restaurant offers good breakfast on a lovely breakfast terrace. Visitors can request to have their breakfast delivered to the room free-of-charge. Prices start at $87. Al Mulino is another midrange hotel, with room rates from $131 to $271. The hotel is situated close to Chiesa di Santa Sofia, Villa Imperiale di Damecuta, and the Blue Grotto. All rooms are non-smoking.

Those who are looking for a luxurious hotel can check La Scalinatella, a boutique hotel, found on Via Tragara. The hotel boasts top-notch service and ideal location (2 minutes from the city centre). Most guestrooms have a private terrace. There is a patio restaurant that offers delicious lunch of seafood and pasta. Room rates range from $234 to $539 per night.

Caesar Augustus Hotel is another top-end hotel, with rates starting at $560 per night. The hotel boasts breathtaking views of the island of Capri, the coastline, Mount Vesuvius, and the Bay of Naples. The property offers bright and spacious suites and guestrooms, many of which with private balconies. The spa features Turkish bath, and there are plenty of recreational activities for guests to enjoy, on site and nearby, including scooter rentals, bird watching, and scuba diving.

Capri Island Marina GrandeVisitors who are looking for B&Bs and inns can check B&B Il Sogno, Da Carlo a Veterino, and Il Portico. B&B Il Sogno is found in a quiet residential area and within walking distance from Hotel San Michele. All rooms feature large windows, tiled floors, and satellite television. The buffet breakfast includes cheeses, cold meats, croissants, and baked cakes. Rates start at $135.

Visiting the island is not only about finding good accommodation options. Capri boasts food that is rich in sweet and spicy flavors. There are bakeries, cafes, pizza places, Italian, and French restaurants. Most restaurants offer Italian and Mediterranean food, and some are good for dining on a budget. Melos, for example, offers reasonably priced homemade Italian food. The place has high foot traffic and is found on the main piazza in Anacapri. Ristorante L'Approdo offers Italian food, with main courses of fresh homemade pasta and fresh fishes, Neapolitan pizzas, grilled seafood, appetizers, and a selection of delicious cakes. Pizzas are prepared in a wood fired oven and are juicy and delicious.

Buonocore Gelateria is another small, family-run establishment offering tasty Italian food. There is a large selection of meals and appetizers to try, from fresh buffulo mozzerella panino and egg plant with vegetables to hot waffle cone with perfectly flavored, creamy gelato.

Da Gelsomina Alla Migliera is a good choice for people who like the local cuisine and for families with children. All dishes are prepared using fresh herbs and ingredients and produce from the garden of the restaurant. Specialty dishes include spaghetti alla chiummenzana, ravioli capresi, and coniglio alla cacciatora. Visitors can try gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce, grilled fish, homemade pasta, or Caprese Salad. The restaurant offers a selection of local wines and authentic, fresh food.

Donna Rachele is a nice little restaurant serving pizzas, pasta, fresh bread and fishes, and more. The chef uses local ingredients, and the food is simply cooked and tasty. You will also find one American restaurant (Master Billy), one vegetarian (La Pigna), and a wine bar (Resto Wine Bar Agora).

Island of Capri Italy
Island of Capri, Italy
Island of Capri Italy
Island of Capri, View of Amalfi Coast in the distance
Island of Capri Italy
Island of Capri
Island of Capri Italy
Island of Capri, Italy
Island of Capri Italy
Capri Island, Italy

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