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The Colosseum (Colosseo) is the most visited tourist attraction in Rome and also its greatest amphitheatre. It was built in AD 72 by Emperor Vespasian and was completed in AD 80 a year after his death. The majestic amphitheater was built on the grounds of Neroís palace.

The Colosseum derives its name from the colossal statue of Nero that stood near the amphitheatre. It is an elliptical building with 80 arched entrances, 55,000 seats and measures 188m by 156m and is 48 m (159f) high. The Colosseum has 4 storeys above the ground and below the ground were the rooms where they kept the wild animals. The second and the third levels were decorated with marble statuettes. The upper level was covered with a canvas that protected the spectators. The cavea, or the seating area, had separate places for the knights, wealthy citizenry, and commons. The broad terrace, the podium, seated the ruling elite. The wooden floor of the arena was sanded to hold the gladiators firmly on the ground.

The amphitheatre was used for entertaining the crowds with free games and fights between gladiators. They fought each other to death and if a gladiator was badly wounded he would surrender to the crowds to determine his fate. The Gladiators also fought animals and wild beasts that were brought from Africa and the Middle East. The Gladiators were mostly men who were prisoners or criminals. In AD 80 a hundred days games were held at the Colosseum to celebrate the opening of the building by Titus, Vespasianís son.

In AD 523 the fights with wild animals were banned. In AD 442 the Colosseum was damaged by an earthquake and in the Middle Ages ruins were used to build several palaces and parts of St.Peterís Basilica.
Colosseum Rome

Where is the Colosseum: Piazza del Colosseo

How to get to the Colosseum: By Subway/Metro to Colosseo Station on line B.

Opening hours: Daily - 9:00 AM to one hour before sunset.
Colosseum Rome
Colosseum, Rome

Colosseum Rome
Colosseum at night, Rome

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Sean Castillo says:
I have a question. And i dont get something. i am big into roman and greek history, and supposely gladiators were suppose to have fought in here. But how could they if there are those big stone blocks in the center????

unknown says:
exactly how can they fight there??and where can u find gladiators fighting in the colosseum.ive got a project on it!!!

Kristen says:
There was a floor, which has fallen. What you are seeing on the "ground" was really under the floor.

Vera says:
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