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Genoa (Genova) is the most important port in Italy and capital of the Province of Genoa in Liguria, Northern Italy. Genoa is a natural harbour and was once one of the most powerful Italian cities. Home of Christopher Columbus, Genoa greets the visitor with his statue on Piazza Acquaverde. The old town has narrow winding streets ideal for walking and exploring.

Palazzo Ducale was once the Palace of the Doges of Genoa. The Palazzo is an elegant 16-th century building and is now cultural and arts center.

Duomo San Lorenzo (St. Lawrence Cathedral) has Gothic façade and is distinctively striped in black and white. The Duomo dates from the early 13-th century and blends Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architectural styles. In the crypt, Museo del Tesoro di San Lorenzo houses treasures such as the green glass dish used at the Last Supper.

Piazza de Ferrari Genoa Italy
Piazza de Ferrari (Ferrari Square) was constructed in 1936. This relatively new square is large with beautiful bronze fountain in the middle. Teatro Carlo Felice, The Neo-Classical building of Banko di Roma are some of the remarkable buildings surrounding Piazza de Ferrari.

Porta Soprana (Soprana City Gate) was once the eastern getaway to the city. The two towers of the Gate are typical medieval strongholds and the best known landmark of Genoa. The cloisters behind the gate are 12 century remains of a convent that used to be here.

Other points of interest in Genoa are Sant’ Agostino – 13th century gothic church on Piazza Sarzano, Palazzo Reale – the 17th century residence of the Savoy Kings with ornate Roccoco interior, The gardens at Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini, Palazzo Bianco situated on one of the most beautiful streets in Genoa – Via Garibaldi, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Villa Doria and Villa Grimaldi.
Palazzo Ducale Genoa Italy
Palazzo Ducale
Duomo San Lorenzo Genoa Italy
Duomo San Lorenzo, Genoa, Italy

Porta Soprana Genoa Italy
Porta Soprana, Genoa, Italy

Genoa Coast Italy
Genoa Coast, Italy

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