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If you are planning to visit Genoa then you are probably confused when it comes to selecting the right hotel. First of all understand your reason to visit Genoa city, if it’s a business trip then hotels near Genoa city might be the best choice or if it’s just site seeing you could search for hotels near main areas. Whichever it is, the hotel you choose will decide how good your trip is going to be.

Genoa Airport Hotels:
For business related trips, it will be best to stay near the Airport. Most of the people coming to Genoa for business related reasons always search for hotels near the Genoa International Airport. If you are looking for hotels near the Genoa city Airport there are few city hotel deals which are top rated:

• Hotel Serafino: This is a modern hotel perfect for families who are planning to visit Genoa city by car. This hotel is near the highway and the airport and is only 2km from the city center.
• MarinaPlace Resort & Spa: This is a 4 star Resort which faces the sea and has a cool restaurant and cafe. Everything about this place will be more than enough to satisfy you.
• Sheraton Genoa Hotel & Congress Center: This is a 4 star hotel located near the Genoa Airport and the Highways. It contains an architectural building with 11 floors perfect for business trips.

Genoa Motels:
If you will be on a budget while you are in the area you may want to consider one of the options below:

• Redwood Motel:
• Hampton Hotels:

Genoa downtown hotels:
Where you will stay depends on your budget. Some people prefer to stay in the downtown area of the spectacular view while others prefer to just stay in a cheaper spot and could care less about the view. However, it is possible to enjoy the view and area attractions while also not putting a hurting on your pocket to bad. Consider some of the places below and you will be near the attractions you wanted to see and you will also be in a clean, safe and friendly environment.

• Hotel Helvetia: Hotel Helvetia is located in an amazing area. There is just so much to do and see not to mention you will be close to food places and shopping malls. Everything you could possible want to do is not too far from this amazing hotel.
• Hotel Bellevue Genoa: If you need to be near the train station Hotel Bellevue Genoa would be the perfect option for you. This allows you to be able to go anywhere in the city without having to drive yourself. Also, you will find that the hotel is located near some attractions that you could walk to as well.
• Albergo Argentina: You could almost call this hotel an apartment. The rooms are nice too. The hotel is also well located by a lot of tourist attractions.
• Hotel Agnello D'Oro: This hotel has a pleasant and charming atmosphere. It is near the historical center and is one of the best cheap hotels available in Genoa city.
• Hotel Acquaverdo: Hotel Acquaverdo is an excellent hotel to consider due to its location. It is near all of the attractions tourists love yet it is just hard to find parking. People stay here not only because of its amazing views but also because they staff are friendly and helpful. Here you can enjoy an amazing walk around the city to do some sightseeing.