Genoa Neighbourhoods and Real Estate

The property market in Genoa has a lot to offer to buyers looking for real estate. Those who prefer to get a house in the central part of the city can opt for an apartment in Centro Storico. There are plenty of offers for Genoa properties to choose from. You can buy an apartment with a total area of 140 sq. meters for around 480,000. For this price, buyers can get an apartment consisting of 3 bedrooms, a large circular room, 2 bathrooms, closets, a walk-in closet, and a balcony. Apartments like this are found close to the city center, the train station, and a university and are perfect for buyers looking for an investment property or their first home. If you prefer to buy something more spacious, you can even get a palace of around 450 sq. meters for just 900,000.

Another of the Genoa neighborhoods to invest in is Oregina. You will find plenty of properties for sale, ranging from 90,000 to over 550,000. If money is not an issue, you can opt for a spacious detached house of around 200 sq. meters, priced at 550,000. You will get a house consisting of three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a large outdoor area with BBQ, and a whirlpool. Those who are looking for a less expensive place can opt for a 1-bedroom apartment with a total area of 80 sq. meters. It will cost around 150,000 and normally, the property will consist of a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms.

Staglieno is another neighborhood to look for Genoa real estate, with prices ranging from under 90,000 to over 385,000. A spacious apartment of 130 sq. meters, overlooking the city and the sea, costs around 380,000. A penthouse like this consists of a kitchen, a spacious living room, an entrance hall, and two bedrooms. It may be featured with walnut doors, marble floors, aluminum windows, and a hot tub. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy an apartment of 90 sq. meters for just 165,000. You will get a refurbished apartment in a quiet area, consisting of a large kitchen, a living room, a walk-in closet, and three bedrooms. You can find even cheaper apartments in this area. Genoa realtors will offer you a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment of approximately 65 sq. meters for just 110,000. However, you may have to refurbish and renovate the place.

In Bolzaneto, you can find villas, apartments, and other types of Genoa real estate for sale. If you prefer to buy a villa, you can get a property of 300 sq. meters, with an attic and a large garden, for 550,000. Note that the place may need refurbishment. You can get a detached house in the same area for just 260,000, consisting of two spacious living rooms, a kitchenette, a kitchen, three bathrooms, a garden, and a courtyard, with a floor area of 160 sq. meters. Those who are looking into Genoa condos will find plenty of offers for apartments in Bolzaneto. An apartment of 90 sq. meters, with a living room, 3 bathrooms, a large kitchen, and a balcony costs around 135,000. Those who are looking for something smaller can opt for a renovated apartment of 80 sq. meters, with 2 bedrooms, a dining area and a kitchen. This will cost you around 80,000. An apartment with a garage, a shared garden, and a balcony, with a total area of 80 sq. meters, costs around 255,000. For this money, you will get 2 bedrooms, a spacious dining room, one closet, and a bathroom.