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Grant Park is a well known location to both Chicago residents and tourists alike. Chicago's primary downtown park, Gran Park is known for its open spaces and picturesque views of the cliff buildings on Michigan Avenue, Grant Park is a prime location for those looking for a relaxing venue. Grant Park is the Central Park of Chicago.

Grant Park actually sits upon what was once part of Lake Michigan. In 1871, after the great fire that destroyed a large part of Chicago, city residents pushed debris from the clean up into the lake. This actually created a fill in part of the lake, and it is on that fill which Grant Park sits today. The original park plans that were proposed would have had the park as more of a business development, with commercial property and businesses ringing the park. One resident however, A. Montgomery Ward, fought to keep the park more of an open space and less of a commercialized area. After 20 years of battling in court, Ward's dreams were realized and the park remains the open space that it is today.

The park offers relaxing areas of lawns, trees and monuments for guests to enjoy. A section of the park provides a track that is frequented by those looking for a safe place for biking, jogging or simply strolling. Two main attractions in the park are the monument statue of Abraham Lincoln and the Clarence Buckingham Fountain. In 2001, Grant Park expanded with the addition of Millennium Park to the north, however each park remains independent from the other.
Grant Park Chicago

Where is Grant Park: Between Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan

How to get to Grant Park: Subway to Madison or Adams stations on the brown, green, orange, pink, purple lines

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