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Greece Travel Guide

Greece is situated to the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula of Eastern Europe. The country borders with the Aegean Sea to the east and south and with the Ionian Sea to the west. Neighbors of Greece are Albania, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, and Turkey. The capital Athens is located on the Attica Periphery and hosts a population of more than 740 thousand people. Some of the major Greek cities are: Heraklion, Kavala, Larissa, Rhodes, and Thessaloniki, among others.

The territory of Greece covers three different climatic types: Alpine, Mediterranean, and temperate. The best seasons to visit the country are spring and autumn. A large part of the tourist infrastructure and many hotels, in particular, close during the winter. The bus and ferry service is also less frequent. The summer temperatures reach 40 C while the beaches and the ancient landmarks are crowded with party folks and tourist groups.

Greece is known as the cradle of democracy and the Western civilization and philosophy. This is the country of ancient Gods, Olympic Games, and mathematical principles. Greece is a country of sirtaki, taverns, golden beaches, and multiple historic sites. Tourists can head to Rhodes and visit the magnificent Acropolis of Lindos. Nyros will offer a spectacular volcanic landscape. Ikaria boosts some of the finest beaches in Greece. Lesvos is famous for the poetry of Sappho and the finest olive oil around the country. Alexandropolis offers good transport connections to the city of Athens. The capital features many cultural, architectural, and historic landmarks. Visitors crowd at the Acropolis which is revered as the holy home of the city’s protector Athena. Another major landmark is the Ancient Agora of Athens. This historic place of assembly had functioned as the centre of government since 6th century BC. Visitors of the capital may also visit some of the many museums and in particular, the Archeological Museum of Athens and the Banaki Museum.

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