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Griffith Park is a huge park in the center of Los Angeles. The 4000 acres (1600 hectares) of land were donated to the City of Los Angeles by Colonel Griffith in 1896, who made his fortune in mining. Griffith Park houses the Los Angeles Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, Greek theatre, Bird Sanctuary, 18-hole golf courses, Merry-go-round built in 1926 and tennis courts.

The Griffith Observatory on Mount Hollywood is divided into three areas the Planetarium Theater, The Telescopes and the Science Museum. Foucault Pendulum at the main Rotunda demonstrates the rotation of the Earth; on a clear night the telescope is open to the public and the Planetarium Theater takes you on a voyage through space. Griffith Observatory offers stunning view of Los Angeles on a clear day.

The Los Angeles Zoo has more than 1200 animals and the Greek Theatre is styled after a Greek Amphitheater and seats 6000 people.

If you love steam locomotives Griffith Park is a place for you. There is a great collection of steam trains and carriages. A Travel Town ride on miniature steam trains is available for young and adults.

Where is Griffith Observatory: 2800 Observatory Rd., Griffith Park

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12 noon - 10PM; Saturday-Sunday 10AM 10PM; Monday - closed

Where is Los Angeles Zoo: 5333 Zoo Drive, Griffith Park

Opening hours: Daily from 10AM to 5PM

Where is Travel Town: 5200 W Zoo Drive, Griffith Park

Opening Hours: Daily from 10AM to 4PM

Griffith Observatory Los Angeles
View from Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
Visit the Griffith Observatory official web site here.
Griffith Observatory Los Angeles

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