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Honolulu, meaning “sheltered bay” in Hawaiian language, is the capital of the island state of Hawaii in USA Honolulu’s exact location is in the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Honolulu is the sole incorporated city in the state of Hawaii where administration of local government is done generally through the county level.

Honolulu is Hawaii’s biggest city bustling with tourist activities, and has a great number of magnificent spots along with a fair dose of history and heritage. Honolulu is famous also for its world famous exquisite beaches which include the renowned Waikiki Beach.

There are numerous other tourist attractions for exploring, like the historical Chinatown with the vast array of restaurants and medicine shops. Shopping is indeed a popular pastime in this region where you have many choices. Shopping malls like Aloha Tower Marketplace complex and Ala Moana Shopping Center are excellent places to shop.

Some of the major attractions in Honolulu include:

Waikiki Beach: This beach is the symbol of Honolulu and is a premier tourist spot which stretches from Hilton Hawaiian Village located on the western side to Kapiolani Park and Diamond Head towards the east.
Kahaloa and Ulukou Beaches: Honolulu’s most visited beaches after the Waikiki Beach are the Kahaloa and Ulukoa Beaches. These beaches provide opportunities for swimming and other recreational activities. Surfing is another popular tourist activity here. There are catamarans and outrigger canoes for hire.
Iolani Palace: This elegant Italian renaissance structure was constructed during the early 1880s and is situated in downtown Honolulu, displaying richly adorned interiors and European furniture. This was actually the home of the last two monarchs of Hawaii.
Diamond Head: This is recognized internationally as Hawaii’s symbol. The extinct volcano crater located in this region was known as Leahi by the ancients.
Bishop Museum: It was founded in 1889 as a repository of artifacts for Princess Bernice Pauahi.
Waikiki Aquarium: Excellent entertainment and educative center dedicated to preserving delicate marine life.
Honolulu Zoo: This zoo houses many important rare wild life collections and endangered species of native Pacific birds.
Ala Moana Beach Park: The area has opportunities for recreational activities like picnicking, biking, and participating in water sports. The Magic Island which is a part of this beach park is another recreational zone.
Nuuanu Pali: The Koolau Range offers spectacular views of the entire landscape of the region.
Aloha Tower: This tower is certainly an important landmark situated at the end of Honolulu Harbor. There is an observation deck from where visitors can enjoy the wonderful scenic beauty of Honolulu.
National Memorial Cemetery: In earlier days, the site of the crater was used for holy, ritualistic ceremonies by the priests.
Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona Memorial commemorates the servicemen who sacrificed their lives during bombing at Pearl Harbor.

With all its varied attractions, Honolulu has emerged as one of the top class tourist destinations in the world. Travelers, irresistibly attracted to this tourist hot spot come in to soak in the flavor through repeat visits.

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