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While there are many buildings in Chicago that residents hold dear to their hearts, the most beloved building of all may very well be the John Hancock Center. Known as “Big John” by the residents, this 100 story building is by far one of the most well known sites in the city.

Built in 1969, this multifunctional building is a feat in engineering. The construction of the building is not only unique in appearance, but is structurally sound as well. With diagonal exterior columns, the building is able to resist the strong winds the city is known for. Most impressive however, is the fact that the construction of the building required 50% less steel than other buildings built during the era with interior columns.

The John Hancock Center is a multifunctional center at its best - like the Marina City. With 48 stories dedicated to residents there is also a hotel within the building, and residents and guests can enjoy the swimming pool, ice skating rink and restaurant that the building holds. There are also 29 stories dedicated to offices and many shops and stores selling a variety of products and goods. The building even boasts its own post office. Much like the Sears Tower Skydeck the observation deck at the top of the center gives visitors one of the best views of the Chicago area, and is a favored attraction among both residents and tourists.
John Hancock Center ChicagoJohn Hancock Center Chicago

Where is John Hancock Center: 875 N. Michigan Avenue

How to get to John Hancock Center: Subway to Chicago and State stations on the red line.

Opening hours of the Hancock Observatory: Daily from 9:00am to 11:00pm

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bobs says:
The Observatory is worth a visit but don't go in the morning. There is usually a fog from the Lake Michigan and will obstruct your view significantly