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Kollegienkirche or Collegiate Church is a Baroque church in Salzburg dedicated to Our Blessed Lady and built under the renown architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. The church was constructed between 1696 and 1707. Archbishop Paris Lodron started developing the plans for a University Church in 1623, but construction works began 73 years later. Before the University Church was constructed, professors and students met in the lecture hall Aula academica. Initially, the church had a tabernacle made of stone rather than an altar. Today, Kollegienkirche has an altar which was constructed in 1735. Josef Anton Pfaffinger made the scenery of the alter and Fischer von Erlach and Diego worked on Maria Immaculata.

The interior is spacious and bright, incorporating the high altar by Pfaffinger. The side nave altars are elaborate and have intense colors. The paintings on the altars on the left side are created in 1721 by Johann Michael Rottmayr. St. Barromäus is depicted on them. St. Scholastika and St. Erentrudis are painted by Rottmayr on the altar on the right side.

The stations of the Cross, depicting the passion of Jesus Christ, adorn the spandrels. Seven pillars of red marble represent the seven pillars of wisdom. They are positioned in the central hall and adorned with angels. Archangel Michael stands in the centre. Four statues are placed at the top of the façade while the church’s interior is decorated with angels, stucco works, and a statue of Maria Immaculata, surrounded by the four evangelists. The sparse use of sculptures and stucco works aims to highlight the architecture. The interior has very steep proportions and is one of the most impressive and unusual creations in baroque style.

The cupola and transept are situated exactly in the center. The side chapels hold statues dedicated to the faculties of the university. The statue of St. Catherine is dedicated to the school of philosophy, St. Ivo is to the school of law, St. Luke is to the school of medicine, and St. Thomas of Aquin – to the school of theology. The university was closed in 1810 and opened again in 1962. Today, several old university buildings are located nearby, including a reading room and a library. The main campus of the University of Salzburg, of which the old university is part, is situated in the suburb of Nonntal.

Kollegienkirche is the largest church in Salzburg from the Baroque period. It was built on a Greek cross plan and features a convex façade. The church has been used for different purposes throughout the years. It was converted into a hay store after Napoleon’s invasion of 1800. Kollegienkirche functioned as a military church and a classical secondary school under the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The premiere of the Great World Theater was held here in 1922. With the reopening of the University of Salzburg, Kollegienkirche gained its original purpose again.

Kollegienkirche Salzburg

Where is Collegiate Church: Universitätsplatz

How to get to Kollegienkirche - Collegiate Church: By Bus: 2

Opening Hours: Daily 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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