Las Vegas Neighbourhoods and Real Estate

The neighborhoods of Las Vegas are as unique and varied as their residents. Those looking for Las Vegas real estate can find affordable single-family houses in North Las Vegas. A 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house of 1,720 sq. feet, for example, will cost you just $134,000. If you prefer to buy something smaller, you can opt for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with an area of 1,400 sq. feet for $80,000. For this price, you will get a ranch-style single-family home with 2 parking spaces, built in 2001.

Of the Las Vegas neighborhoods, Centennial Hills is a residential area where you can find brand new homes, resale homes, and estates. Due to its secluded location and elevation, the neighborhood offers breathtaking views of downtown Las Vegas and the surrounding mountains. Prices vary greatly, but you can buy a 5-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom house of 3,340 sq. feet for $359,000. For this price, you will get a garage with 2 parking spaces, a private yard, kitchen amenities, and more. If the asking price is too high, you can opt for a 5-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom single-family house with an area of 3,300 sq. feet for just $209,000. The property is featured with a heated pool, private spa, drier utilities, 2 fireplaces, carpet flooring, and more.

Lynbrook is another residential area found on the northwest side of Las Vegas. This neighborhood has walking paths and wooded parks with brooks and ponds. It offers great values for first time homebuyers, with prices ranging from $180,000 to around $300,000. In this area, you can find a single-family house of 3,650 sq. feet, with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a garage for the price of $220,000. A less spacious house of 1,800 sq. feet will cost you around $139,000. You can buy a 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a garage, underground utilities, and central heating and cooling.

Scotch 80s is a residential area situated 5 minutes away from new Las Vegas and 10 minutes away from downtown Las Vegas. It is a classic luxury community where you can find a variety of Las Vegas properties for sale. In this area, you can buy a single-family house of 4,350 sq. feet for around $640,000. You will get a 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom house with a double garage. If you are looking for Las Vegas luxury real estate in this area, you can opt for a 10-bedroom, 15-bathroom house with a double garage for the price of $1,675,000. This single-family residence is featured with hardwood, ceramic, and carpet flooring, a heated pool, fireplaces, underground utilities, and more.

If the price is too high, you can get a 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom single-family home with a double garage and an area of 3,548 sq. feet for the price of $749,000. This property is featured with a breakfast bar/counter with a granite countertop, marble, hardwood, and concrete flooring, 1 fireplace, and central heating. Las Vegas realtors offer less expensive properties in the area as well. You can buy a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house of 3,565 sq. feet for just $275,000. For this price, you will buy a house featured with a detached garage, above-ground utilities, central heating and cooling, and a kitchen area fitted with custom cabinets, solid surface countertop, hardwood flooring, and more. Finally, if you are looking for something really cheap, you can get a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house of 1,265 sq. feet for just $45,000. If you opt for a house like this, it may be offered without a garage, but it will be featured with central heating and cooling, above-ground utilities, carpet and vinyl flooring, a fireplace, and more.