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The Lincoln Memorial, a massive, marble columned, Greek style temple on the western side of Washington DC’s National Mall, is an awe inspiring, memorial to Abraham Lincoln and his principles of freedom for all. Abraham Lincoln is one of the country’s most beloved presidents, and leaders, whom guided the United States through the tumultuous times of the Civil War, preserving the Union of the United States, and abolishing slavery in the process.

The Memorial has evolved through the years, as a symbol of freedom and democracy, and is the site Martin Luther King, Jr., chose for his famous, “I have a Dream”, speech. The Lincoln Memorial is set on a peaceful site, overlooking a reflecting pool, and attracts thousands of school groups and visitors every year.

The Design - Architect, Henry Beacon, designed the Lincoln Memorial, completing it in 1922. Beacon added 36, Doric columns to represent each of the states, of the Union of the United States at the time. Inside the memorial is an imposing, 19-foot, white marble statue of a seated, Lincoln, created by sculptor, Daniel Chester French. Above the 175 ton statue of Lincoln is the inscription, “In this Temple, as in the hearts of the people, for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever". Beautiful murals painted by the artist, Jules Guerin adorn the north and south chambers, depicting an end to slavery.

Inside the massive memorial, are inscriptions of Lincoln’s, famous Gettysburg Address and his second inauguration speech. Many school children walk through the Lincoln Memorial every year, getting their first taste of the strength and character of the man that was Abraham Lincoln, forever inspired by his time honored words of hope and freedom.
Lincoln Memorial Washington
Where is Lincoln Memorial: West side of the National Mall – West Potomac Park

How do you get to Lincoln Memorial: Subway to Smithsonian Station (blue, orange lines)

Lincoln Memorial Washington

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jenny says:
I like Lincoln memorial first because Lincoln is one of my favorite presidents and second because is a nice a place for a stroll with the reflecting pool and all.