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When you are traveling to the wonderful city of Madrid you must check around and see what hotel deals are available so when you arrive you will have accommodation already in place. There are a ton of different lodging places available. However, the hard part is going to be choosing which one you want to stay at based on your budget and things of that nature. Below you can find some of the different hotels that Madrid has to offer to get you started with your decision.

Madrid Hotels
The wonderful city of Madrid has quite a selection of hotels and motels to offer. Some of their hotels and motels may be luxurious while others may just provide you with a place to lay your head after a busy day of exploring the city. However, below you can find a blend of all the places Madrid has to offer.
• Hotel Emperatriz
• Hospes Madrid
• The Westin Palace Madrid
• El Antiguo Convento
• AC Palacio del Retiro, Autograph Collection
• Hotel Ritz Madrid by Orient-Express
• BEST WESTERN Atlantico
• NH Palacio de Tepa

Madrid Airport Hotels
If you prefer to stay at a hotel that is close near the airport Madrid has four hotels to offer you. All of the hotels listed below are clean and most importantly they are located near the airport. Yes, that’s right when you get into town you will only have a short commute to get to your hotel and when it is time for you to leave you will not need to leave an hour early because of traffic.
• Hilton Madrid Airport
• Pullman Madrid Airport & Feria
• Crowne Plaza Madrid Airport
• Holiday Inn Express Madrid Airport

Downtown Madrid Hotels
If you want to stay in the downtown area of Madrid you should check out some of their hotels. By staying in the downtown area you will be able to stay in the mix of things and also have a ton of different things to go do and say. Also, the downtown area is known for having some of the best restaurants and shopping areas that you could ever imagine. However, the hotels may be a little higher than you expect yet they will provide you with all the accommodation you could ever want or need.

Cheap Madrid Accomodation
If you have a strict budget that you must follow during your trip to Madrid why not spend less on your hotel or motel room so you can spend more money on other things? Below you can see some of the lodging places that will offer you great service for an affordable rate.
• Cantabrico Hotel
• Hostal La Casa de La Plaza
• Hostal Valdemingomez
• Hostal Comercial
• Hostal Concepcion Arenal
• Hostal La Fontana
• Etap Madrid Valentin Beato
• ETAP Madrid Vallecas
• Pension Jaen
• Hostal Fabiola
• Hostal Plaza D'ort
• Hostal Lauria

Madrid Short Term Rentals
If you are going to be in the Madrid area for a reasonably short amount of time you may want to consider staying at one of the apartments or houses that are available for subletting. They can provide you a homier feel than a hotel or motel can while also offering you a cheaper price. Imagine staying at a luxurious hotel for a few months; you would spend thousands of dollars. But, if you stayed one of the options mentioned above you would only spend a couple of dollars and have a whole lot more space and privacy.