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Like many other structures located in the Chicago area, Marina City is a unique location known for its architectural diversity that makes it stand out from the rest. The “city” consists of two 60 story towers that resemble towering corn cobs jutting into the sky.

The towers were built in 1964 by architect Bertrand Goldberg. At the time they were constructed, the buildings were the largest complexes built in concrete. They also stood out dramatically against other buildings in the area which were boxy and cubical, while the unique Marina City towers were cylindrical in shape.

Marina City is a multi-functional complex, with so many amenities available that a resident would almost never have to leave home! Between the two towers, there are a large number of apartment dwellings for residents to live. There are also restaurants, banks and recreation facilities including a theater, for both residents and non-residents to enjoy. Parts of the towers are offices for various companies and businesses and there are 18 stories of parking space to accommodate both office workers and residents.

Though Marina City is not as popular as many of the other sites and attractions in Chicago, it adds to the cities unique ambiance and image as a city with one of a kind architectural wonders. If you are in the Chicago area, it is certainly worth stopping by for a meal in one of the fine restaurants the towers have to offer.

Where is Marina City: 300 N. State St.

How to get to Marina City: By Subway to State/Lake Station using red, brown, green, orange purple and pink lines

Marina City Chicago

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Benny says:
Amazing buidings! I went to Chicago recently and I love the architecture. Marina City definetly stands out from the rest of the buildings!