Mexico cities, attractions and photos

Mexico or the United States of Mexico is situated in North America and extends on a territory of 2 million sq. km. The country borders with Belize, the Caribbean Sea, Guatemala, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, and the United States. Mexico comprises of thirty one states, the capitol Mexico City, and a Federal District. The capital is located in northern Mexico and has a population of more than 8.8 million inhabitants. Other large cities in Mexico are Guadalajara, Ecatepec, Nezahualcoyotl, Puebla, Monterrey, and Tijuana, among others. Mexico is an ethnically diverse nation which comprises of Mestizos, Amerindian, and Whites, as well as Chinese, Filipino, Lebanese, Syrian, and other immigrants.

The best time to visit Mexico is between November and May. The period between June and September is particularly hot and humid. In brief, the country is famous for its Maya pyramids, miniature pueblos, tequila, sandy Pacific beaches, water sports such as kayaking, adventure tourism, mountain sports, such as canyoneering, wild forests, and coral reefs. The country has 40 natural protected areas, covering more than 100 thousand sq. km bio-ecological variety of plant and animal species. Plentiful wildlife inhabits the reserves of Ria Celestun, Ria Lagartos, Montes Azules, and Calakmul.

Holiday folks will enjoy the excellent Mexican beaches. The coastal line features the San Blas lagoon beaches, the nearly empty Costalegre beach, the surfing destination Barra de Nexpa, and the partying Cancun. Cultural tourism should include the city of the Teotihuacan civilization. The city had encompassed the pyramids of the Moon and the Sun, temples, palaces, busy streets, and avenues. Today, the Piramide del Sol is the world’s third largest pyramid. Another prominent historic site, La Ciudadela in Mexico City, contains a square complex that once served as the residence of the city ruler. The complex features a lovely pyramid called the Templo de Quetzalcoatl. These are fine examples of the many traces left by the ancient Teotihuacan, Aztec, and Maya civilizations.

Mexico City
Mexico City: vibrant city with fast roads and Colonial-era heart.