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The Michigan Avenue Bridge is an iconic attraction of Chicago and has been featured in a multitude of both television shows and movies. Both a historic landmark and a functional bridge, it is a structure that attracts many visitors every year.

Construction of the Michigan Avenue Bridge began in 1917 and took three years to complete. At the time the bridge was a major architectural and engineering feat as it was the first bridge of that kind ever built. ("double-deck, double-leaf trunnion bascule bridge") In fact, to this very day, engineers still marvel at the mechanical prowess and engineering of a bridge that is nearing its century mark. The bridge was designed by Edward Bennett who also designed the Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. The Michigan Avenue Bridge however, is known for more than just its magnificent mechanical engineering. The bridge is also popular for the bas relief sculptures. These sculptures are in fact one of the most photographed sites in the city. The sculptures are best photographed and viewed on foot, which is an easy task as the bridge accommodates both automobile and pedestrian traffic.

Visitors to the Michigan Avenue Bridge can also visit the McCormick Tribune Bridgehouse and Chicago River Museum that are located in the southwest tower of the bridge. The bridgehouse at one point in time was the home to those workers that would open and close the bridge for water traffic, yet in recent years has been converted to the museum. At the museum, guests can learn more about the actual mechanics of the bridge, and see the gears that make the bridge work.

The Michigan Avenue Bridge was modeled on the Pont Alexander III in Paris. At the north end of the bridge was built the Drake Hotel and at the south end is the renowned Wrigley building.
Michigan Avenue Bridge Chicago
Where is Michigan Avenue Bridge: Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive

How to get to Michigan Avenue Bridge: By Subway to State/Lake Station using red, brown, green, orange purple and pink lines

Michigan Avenue Bridge

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