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If you are planning on taking a trip to Milan it would be best to do some reach on accommodation so you can see what will be in store for you. When you get to Milan the first night you may just want to sleep, depending on how long your flight is, so you may want to check out some of lodging options before you arrive so you can see what Milan hotel deals you can come across. Below you can find some of lodging options that may strike your interest.

Milan Airport Hotels
If you are coming to Milan for business it is understandable that you would want a hotel that is near the airport. Below you can find the top two recommended lodging options:
• Holiday Inn Milan-Linate Airport: The holiday inn is the perfect place for business travelers to stay during their visit it is located only three km from the airport. The hotel offers a complimentary shuttle so you can park your car in the parking lot and let someone else do the driving if you choose.
• Crown Plaza Milan-Linate Hotel: The Crown Plaza is another popular place of lodging they are located just fifteen minutes away from the airport. The Crown Plaza is also great for business meeting due to the fact that they have meeting room and dinner rooms so you can celebrate your victories.

Milan Motels
If you are one who prefers to stay in motels. Milan has some available that you will absolutely love.
• Motel Miami: The Motel Miami is one of the four start Milan motels. They offer affordably priced luxury rooms that come included with a Jacuzzi that could fit between one to two people in it.
• Motel Regal: The Motel Miami is another one of Milan’s four star motels. However, even though their hotel is a four star hotel they only charge three star prices. During your stay there they accommodate you with a ton of things in your luxury hotel room, such as, a mini bar, a Jacuzzi, and your own private parking bay.

Downtown Milan Hotels
If you prefer to stay in the downtown Milan area consider one of these lodging options.
• Ariston Hotel: For those of you who are all about the green life this will be the perfect place for you. The hotel has a ton of Milan accommodations not to mention that it is also an “ecological hotel”.
• Best Western Hotel Felice Casati: The Best Western Hotel Felice Casati is a place that can easily fit into your budget and have the things that you look for in your hotel stay. You can kick back and take a swim in the pool or do some internet surfing in their business center after your day of fun.

Cheap Milan Hotels
If you are looking for a budget friendly hotel consider one of the following:
• 22 Marzo: The 22 Marzo is one of the cheaper hotels in Milan. The environment is warm and inviting so you will feel at peace of mind knowing that you are in a nice place and didn’t have to spend too much money on it.
• Nuovo Marghera: If you are looking for a hotel that has friendly staff and attractions nearby for a wonderful rate then Nuovo Marghera would be the hotel for you.

Milan Short Term Rentals
If you are going to be in Milan for a little while why not look into staying at a apartment or house that is available for subletting. This way you will save money and still feel like you are at home.