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Monte Carlo is the most densely populated residential area in Monaco. It currently has about 3000 permanent residents. It is best known for its ritzy casino - The Monte Carlo Casino.

The Monte Carlo Casino is probably the best known casino in the world and the prime tourist attraction in Monaco. It was built between 1858-1863; after Prince Florestan I legalized gambling in 1854.

The Monte Carlo Casino was designed by Charles Garnier the architect who designed the famous Paris Opera House. It is lavishly decorated building with rococo towers, copper cupolas and gold chandeliers. In 1910 the Casino complex expanded with the building of the theatre. The Salle Garnier Opera House is a feast for the eye with its paved marble atrium and onyx columns. The citizens of Monaco are not permitted to enter the Monte Carlo Casino. At the entrance everyone is asked to show their passports along with €10 entrance fee. Monte Carlo Casino offers the usual table games of Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat, Crabs, Stud Poker and has high stakes poker room and Slot machines.

Monte Carlo is also a home of the Monaco Grand Prix – a Formula One Race. Monaco Grand Prix has been held on the streets of Monaco since 1929. The racing circuit is known as Circuit de Monaco.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco Palais Princier, is the official residence of the Prince of Monaco, located on The Rock of Monaco. Its history goes back to the 12 century when it was built as a Genoese fortress. Since the 13 century the Grimaldi family has been ruling and living in the palace.

The palace is a mix of different architectural styles. During the centuries the various occupants of the fortress renovated and added wings, towers and state apartments. The façade is in Renaissance style, while the rear of the palace still has original medieval fortifications.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco was built on the site of an old church dedicated to St Nicolas in 1252. The present Cathedral was consecrated in 1875. Many of the Grimaldy family were buried in the Cathedral. The cathedral is built of white stone which bleaches under the rain; it has 3 naves and the central nave is 18 meters high.
Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo Casino
Palais Princier Monaco
Palais Princier, Monaco
Saint Nicholas Cathedral Monaco
Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco

Monaco La Condamine
Monaco, La Condamine

Monaco Monte Carlo
Monaco, Monte Carlo

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