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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg on January 27, 1756 in this house on 9 Getreidegasse. Today, Mozartís house - Mozarts Geburtshaus - is a museum and a flagship attraction displaying memorabilia, sheet music, and musical instruments. The museum showcases the artistís first violin which he played at the age of 5. The exhibition also features Mozartís clavichord, hammer-piano, concert violin, as well as family letters and portraits. Mozartís house is the only flat where Mozart lived, which has been preserved till present. It is the only surviving residence of Mozart in the Old Town of Salzburg, where the artist lived from 1747 to 1773.

Mozart spent twenty six years of his life in this house. Built in the 17th century with 2 storeys, the house was reconstructed in 1716. From 1747, Mozart rented rooms there and at that time, the house was known as the Camesina House. Mozartís former rooms were opened at the 150th anniversary of his death, as part of a National Socialist event known as the Imperial German Mozart Week. The event was introduced to honor Mozart as a typical German composer. The exhibition was run by the Vienna Museum after 1945. However, despite of the museumís central location close to the St. Stephen's Cathedral, the number of tourists was comparatively modest, around eighty thousand a year.

The Wien Holding company made a full renovation of the museum, and the redesign was completed in 2006 for the 250th anniversary of Mozartís birth. After the refurbishment which expanded the basement level, the whole building was turned to a museum dedicated to the work and life of the composer. The Vienna Museum oversaw the refurbishment process. At present, the museum features information about Mozart, combining audio-visual installations and historical exhibits. The museum also shows the daily life of Mozartís family, concentrating on biographical information about the family members, friends, and opponents of the artist. It showcases furniture and has a cinema room presenting a movie about Mozartís life. The tourists can also use an audio guide that takes them on a tour around the rooms and explains what they had been used for. Visitors can listen to the artistís works as the second floor is dedicated to Mozartís operas. The basement functions as an eventsí hall and is co-financed by the European Union. The museum was visited by 340,000 tourists during the first 3 years.

Regular tickets cost 9 Euro, and audio guides for children and adults are included in the price. Themed and general tours are also offered but advance reservation is required. ĎMozart and his timeí is a tour that shows visitors the whole museum and focuses on the daily life in the 18th century, events from this period, and freemasonry. ĎMozart and his familyí is another tour which looks at the daily life of Mozartís family, with a special focus on the artistís childhood, married life, and children. ĎMozart and his musical colleaguesí focuses on artists such as Antonio Salieri, Joseph Haydn, and Lorenzo Da Ponte, as well as less known artists like Clementi and Gluck.

Mozart's House Salzburg

Where is Mozartís house: Getreidegasse 9

Opening Hours: 9 am to 6 pm (last admission 5.30 pm)

July and August: 9 am to 7 pm (last admission 6.30 pm)

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