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The Navy Pier, located on Lake Michigan in Chicago, is one of the finest and most entertaining leisure destinations in the area. So much so, that more than 8 million visitors flock to this lake front playground to enjoy all the area has to offer. The Navy Pier was built between 1914 and 1916 by architect Charles Sumner Frost. In 1916 the Pier, then known as Municipal Pier, opened to the public offering now only a landing dock for those in the shipping industry, but entertainment for residents as well.

It was not until 1927 that the pier received the name Navy Pier, in tribute to the Navy personnel that were lost and served during the First World War. In the late 50's the pier was widened to accommodate the increase in vessel traffic, and became known as one of the greatest inland ports all around the world. However, from 1970-1975 the pier went into a period of disuse, and was largely ignored by residents of the city. Then in 1976, the Grand Ballroom was renovated for Chicago's Bicentennial Celebration and Navy Pier was designated as a Chicago landmark.

In 1994 the city started improvements to the pier in the Navy Pier redevelopment project and the popularity of the Navy Pier was reborn. The pier became a booming location with many restaurants, shops, attractions and entertainment centers. In just a few years, the Navy Pier became a prime location choice for festivals in the city, drawing tourists from around the world.

Today, Navy Pier is a prime location for those looking for fun and entertainment in the Chicago area. It's no wonder the pier received the “Best Of” award for Chicago attractions in 2008. With its festivals, shops and fine restaurants, Navy Pier offers visitors the best of anything they could be looking for.
Navy Pier Chicago
Where is Navy Pier: 600 E. Grand Av

How to get to Navy Pier: By Subway to Grand station on the red line.

Navy Pier Chicago

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