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Palace of Holyroodhouse dates back almost 9 centuries and marks the end of the Royal Mile. The present Holyrood Palace was built in 1529 for King James V. The Palace contained a chapel, royal apartments, great hall and gallery. Mary, Queen of Scots lived in the palace during her reign between 1561 and 1567.

Palace of Holyroodhouse was later remodeled by Charles II in 1670 though he never saw the new Palace.
The Royal Apartments are renowned for their brilliant plasterwork ceilings, outstanding furnishings and have unrivalled set of Brussels tapestries. One of the most famous rooms in the Palace is the Great Gallery with portraits of the Kings of Scotland.

King George V and Queen Mary held the first garden party at Holyrood Palace and the tradition has been sustained to the present day. Today Palace of Holyroodhouse is the official Scottish residence of the Queen.

Where is Palace of Holyroodhouse: End of Royal Mile, Abbey Strand

Opening Hours: Daily
November -20 March
22 March to October

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Owen Gough died in Holyrood Place 9th Nov 1872 after 50 years serving 3 monarchs. He was married to Mary Jupp. Owen as a name appears frequently on McGough Family history trees & Gough was a common change in name in the 19th century. I wonder if there is any information on Owen Gough's origins that could link him to my family ? best wishes Edward McGough