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Palatine Hill is one of the seven hills in Rome and probably the most famous. This is where the rich and famous ancient Romans used to live. Emperor Augustus was born on Palatine Hill and lived there all his life. Cicero- the great orator lived there as well as Marcus Antonius (Marc Antony). Later emperors Tiberius, Caligula and Domitian built palaces there. Most of the ruins that we see today are from the Domitianís palace.

The Palatine Hill can be reached by walking up from the Roman Forum. It is shaded by trees and the Farnese Gardens are a beautiful sight.

According to the legend of the building of Rome, Romulus and Remus were brought here in a cave by a wolf. This is why Romulus decided to build a city there Ė on Palatine Hill.

Domus Flavia and Domus Augustana (the two wings of the Domitianís palace) are among the best preserved ruins on Palatine Hill. Domitianís palace was built in AD 81. The Domus Flavia was the official wing and the Domus Augustana was the private residence. This palace was official Imperial palace for 300 years. The Palace of Septimius Severus was an extension of the Domus Augustana.

The House of Livia dates from the 1st century BC and is where Emperor Augustus and his wife Livia lived. It is also one of the best preserved houses on the Palatine with frescoes.
Palatine Hill The Farnese Gardens Rome
The Farnese Gardens were created in the mid 16th century by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. He was a grandson of Pope Paul III who bought the ruins of Tiberuisís palace. Cardinal Farnese had a garden designed for him and this is how one of the first botanical gardens in Europe was created.
Stadium Palatine Hill Rome
The Stadium was a part of the Domitian palace. It is not clear whether it was a private track or a public stadium but is large space and later an oval shaped enclosure was added by Theodoric in the 6th century.

Where is Palatine Hill: It is located between The Roman Forum and Circus Maximus

How to get to Palatine Hill: By Subway/Metro to Colosseo Station on line B.
Palatine Hill and Roman Forum
Palatine Hill and Roman Forum

Palatine Hill Rome
Palatine Hill, Rome

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