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Parc GuŽll: A Gaudi Wonderland

Parc GuŽll is a wild and colorful wonderland of a park located on a hill in the Grŗcia district of Barcelona. Antoni Gaudi designed this popular attraction from 1900 through 1914, initially as a wealthy housing development, commissioned by his benefactor Count Eusebi GuŽll. With only two homes built, the project was purchased by the city and developed into a public park in 1923. What Gaudi left behind is a truly amazing and hallucinatory testament to his use of art nouveau and organic design.

Spectacular Main Staircase - The main entrance to Parc GuŽll at Carrer d'Olot features a grand, multicolored winding staircase leading the visitor to the top of this hillside park. Flanked by a massive stone wall adorned with colorful medallions and two fairy tale inspired park buildings, the entrance entices the visitor into a make believe realm created by Gaudi. A famous Gaudi sculpture of a dragon, formed with broken ceramic tiles rests serenely at the center of the massive staircase.
The staircase first leads to a hypostyle, monumental chamber surrounded by 96 Doric inspired columns, originally designed to serve as a public marketplace for the planned community. Artist, Josep Maria Jujol lined the columns and walls with colorful mosaics and medallions.

Circular Plaza and Serpentine Bench - The famous circular, serpentine inspired bench surrounding the main park plaza, sits on top of the Doric columned chamber. The massive serpentine shaped bench is adorned with colorful ceramic tiles in the trencadis style, that Josep Maria Jujol used throughout the park design. Visitors can relax on the curved benches to experience a magnificent panoramic view of the city below and other Gaudi masterpieces such as, the Sagrada Familia.

Gaudiís House - Antoni Gaudi and his father lived for a time, in one of the park houses known as, la Torre Rosa designed by architect Francesc Berenguer in 1906. Visitors can tour Gaudiís former home, for a fee to view art nouveau furniture designed by Gaudi and numerous artifacts from his life there. A lovely garden surrounds the house available for visitors to take a stroll, just as Gaudi may have at the turn of the twentieth century.
Parc Guell Barcelona
Where is Parc GuŽll: Carrer d'Olot

How to get to Parc GuŽll: By Subway to Lesseps, Alfons X Stations

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