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Parliament Hill is the most important landmark in Ottawa - an impressive complex built between 1859-1865. The massive stone buildings are set on the cliffs of Parliament Hill overlooking the Ottawa River and are described as one of the most beautiful government buildings in the world along with the Houses of Parliament in London.

The Parliament buildings are home to the House of Commons, the Hall of Honour, the Library of Parliament, the Senate, and the Peace Tower. During the summer there is a Changing of the Guard Ceremony at 10:00 AM. The buildings were built in Gothic Revival style and are adorned with gargoyles and friezes.

Parliament Buildings - One of the best known symbols in Canada have three main blocks – The Centre block which is dominated by the Peace Tower 92.2 m (302 ft. 6 in) tall. The Peace Tower Carillon has 53 bells.

The East Block houses the restored offices of Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

The West block houses offices for members of the parliament.

Where are the Parliament Buildings: Parliament Hill

Tours of the Parliament Buildings depart daily from the main doors.
Parliament Building Ottawa
Parliament Building, Ottawa

Parliament Hill Ottawa
Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Parliament Buildings Peace Tower Ottawa
Parliament Buildings, Peace Tower, Ottawa

Parliament Buildings Ottawa
Parliament Buildings Detail, Ottawa

Changing of the Guard Ceremony Parliament Buildings Ottawa
Changing of the Guard Ceremony, Parliament Building, Ottawa

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