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Pasadena is a city in Los Angeles County which was founded around 1887. Rich people used to come to Pasadena to spend the winter and soon it became a home of artists and bohemians. Old Pasadena still has this bohemian feel where the buildings are a mixture of Spanish Colonial style, Art deco and Victorian architecture.

The Pasadena Civic Center is a beautiful Beaux-Art building designed by Edward Bennett in 1920 and is a complex of City Hall, Library and Police Station.

The famous Route 66 – now Colorado Boulevard runs through Pasadena.

Pasadena is also best known for its annual Rose Parade held every year on January 1st. The first parade was held in 1890. It features moving platforms of elaborate floats. The uniqueness of the Rose Parade is that the floats have to be made from flowers, bark or leaves and during the years many complex platforms were build some including moving parts and actors performing. The participants in the parade travel over 5 miles and the spectators are lined up on the streets on New Year’s Eve to reserve the best viewing spots. Some of them carry chairs, sleeping bags and portable heaters.

Rose Parade Pasadena
Rose Parade, Pasadena
Pasadena City Hall Los Angeles

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