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Rideau Canal and Locks - The Rideau Canal was built between 1826 and 1832 by the Royal Engineers supervised by Lieutenant Colonel John By. Rideau Canal Waterway links Lake Ontario in Kingston with the Ottawa River and is 202 kilometers long (125 miles).

The eight kilometer Canal Promenade runs from downtown Ottawa to the Hartwell Locks at Carleton University.

The Rideau Canal is a beautiful sight throughout the year. In the spring the parkways alongside the canal bloom with flowers; In the summer the cyclists and joggers enjoy it and is a perfect place for a stroll, and in the winter the canal turns into the "World's Longest Skating Rink". The Winterlude is one of the biggest winter festivals in North America held in February.

In 2007 The Rideau Canal was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Rideau Canal Ottawa
Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Rideau Canal Ottawa Skating Rink
Rideau Canal during the winter, Skating Rink, with the Parliament Building in the background

Rideau Canal Locks Ottawa
Rideau Canal Locks, Ottawa

Rideau Canal Ottawa
Rideau Canal with Château Laurier in the background, Ottawa

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