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Los Angeles is the home of many famous and interesting destinations. Any trip to the area would be incomplete without taking time to visit Rodeo Drive which is pronounced roh-day-oh. Located in Beverly Hills between Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevard, Rodeo Drive consists of three blocks of upscale boutiques and shops and is known world wide as a member of one the most expensive and desired shopping areas.

The history of the area dates back to 1769 when the area was still part of Mexico. The Wilshire Boulevard of today was originally an Indian trail used by the first group of Europeans to arrive in the area. In 1906 the property was purchased by a group of investors known as the Rodeo Land and Water Company with the intent of creating a mixed-use subdivision and the development's main street became Rodeo Drive. As the development progressed, Giorgios became the cornerstone of present day Rodeo Drive.

As one of the area's premier tourist destinations, it is not uncommon to spot many of the rich and famous shopping or dining in one of the many establishments along the boulevard. This is also home to Bijan, Rodeo Drive's most expensive store. A private appointment is required and men's fashions range from a $50 pair of socks to $15,000 suits. Other such retailers include Christian Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Omega Watches, Valentino, Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany & Co.

The newest member of Rodeo Drive is the Two Rodeo Center which is situated at the northeast corner of Rodeo and Wilshire. With a price tag of over $200 million, the center is a recreation of old European romance. 2 Rodeo Drive and its "Spanish Steps" is a popular tourist attraction at the heart of this exclusive shopping district. Cobblestone pavers were utilized along this short and curving street which highlights the multiple story facades which employ a number of extraordinary styles of architecture. The archways, rolling fountains and bewitching balconies only add to the romantic flare.

An evening visit to Rodeo Drive adds to the romantic feel of the area. With the illumination of shop windows it is easy to get carried away into another world. If a daytime visit is preferable, Sunday is not recommended as the majority of shops are closed and the cosmopolitan shoppers are replaced with gawking tourists. Christmas is especially beautiful as a number of the stores surpass themselves with holiday displays and twinkling lights and red ribbons dress the tree lined street.

Overall Rodeo Drive is the 5th Avenue of L.A. but with European feel. The area along Rodeo Drive is also a prime spotting area for celebrities.

Where is 2 Rodeo Drive: intersection of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard.

Rodeo Drive Los Angeles
Rodeo Drive Los Angeles

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