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Salzburg Cathedral is probably the most significant building in the city. It is an architectural marvel and beauty.

The first building was erected in 774 but was later demolished because a city fire heavily damaged it. The second building was again struck by fire so the Archbishop Wolf Dietrich demolished it and in 1628 he built this huge new building.

Again in 1944 the dome of Salzburg Cathedral was demolished because an allied bomb hit it but was rebuilt in 1959. The numbers 774, 1628, and 1959 can be seen on the gates of the cathedral. They are carved to celebrate the three consecrations.

There are four statues at the front entrance on the main façade of the Salzburg Cathedral. They represent the apostles Peter and Paul and the two patron saints of Salzburg - Rupert and Virgil.

The Salzburg Cathedral is located in the heart of Salzburg on Residenzplatz (Residence Square) right across the Residenz Palace.

Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral and a fountain on Residence Square

Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral view from Mozartplatz

Where is Salzburg Cathedral: Residenzplatz

How to get to Salzburg Cathedral: By Bus: 1, 3, or 5

Opening Hours: Daily 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

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sniff says:
Salzburg Cathedral is an impressive sight. If you visit Salzburg there is no way to miss it.