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The Sears Tower is one of Chicago's most well known attractions. At a total height of 1,450 ft (442 m) (1730 including its antenna- 527 m) the Sears Tower was once known as the tallest building in all of North America surpassing the World Trade Center by 26 meters. Construction of this 110 story building began in 1970 and took three years to complete.

The Sears Tower was built by Sears, Roebuck & Co. to house their many employees that were scattered throughout the city of Chicago in multiple office buildings. Sears decided to build just one office building that would house all of their employees in one central location, however early on they realized the space needed to do so would result in one of the largest office buildings in the entire world.

Unfortunately, the growth that was projected for the Sears, Roebuck & Co. did not meet the expectations of the company and the building itself was not as popular as the company hoped it would be. The Sears Tower actually remained half-vacant for a better part of a decade, with the company unable to lease out remaining floor space to other firms. Finally, in 1992 the Sears Company began removing its offices from the building until they were completely vacated in 1995. Since that time the Sears Tower has had many different owners, however since the Sears Company maintains naming rights for the building, it remains to this day as the Sears Tower.

Even with its unstable history, the Sears Tower has remained an icon for the city of Chicago, and millions of visitors are drawn to the building every year. The main attraction to tourists is the Sears Tower Skydeck, which is an observation deck that is located on the 103 floor of the tower. The Skydeck is occasionally closed to tourists for maintenance, however in the event that it is closed to the public, tourists can visit a second Skydeck that is on the 99th floor.
Sears Tower Chicago
How to get to Sears Tower: By subway to Quincy Station (orange, purple, brown lines)

Where is Sears Tower: 233 S. Wacker Drive

View of Chicago Loop and the Sears Tower from John Hancock Center
Chicago Loop and Sears Tower

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