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St. Tropez (Saint-Tropez) is a small charming town on the French Riviera. It is located southwest of Cannes and is a popular tourist destination. A town of cobbled streets, terrace cafes, elegant old buildings, and celebrities. Situated in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, St. Tropez can be reached by boat, car, plane, and bus. Les Bateaux Verts runs boats to Port Grimaud and Ste-Maxime, and Les Bateaux de St-Raphaël operates boat services to St-Raphaël. Sodetrav runs daily bus services to the St. Tropez bus station, which is found in the southeastern section of the town. The nearest airport is Airport International Toulon – Hyeres, with buses serving airport arrivals. The drive along the Mediterranean coast between Cannes and St. Tropez is scenic and most enjoyable in the spring. During the peak summer months is crowded and not recommended because of the heavy traffic.

The Bay of Pampelone (Baie de Pampelonne) has beautiful beaches along its 5 kilometers shore line. The beaches offer canoeing and windsurfing equipment for rent, powerboats, water skiing and almost every water sport is available here.

In the 1970 the Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez movie series starring Louis de Funès made St. Tropez famous worldwide. Today the Saint-Tropez marina is full of yachts and boats and many celebrities can be spotted there.

There are plenty of things to do and see in St. Tropez. Shopping venues abound, and a good place to start your shopping trip is Place des Lices Market. The market offers practically everything, from fresh vegetables and fruits to antiques. Atelier Rondini is where you can buy a pair of sandals for about $160. K Jacques has created models for world famous fashion designers such as Marion Lesage, Hen Okada, Lolita Lempika, Golden Goose, and many others. SPA Pure Altitude offers a variety of facials and body treatments based on essential oils and plant extracts. Customers can choose from body scrubs and wraps (Bermuda mud, black mud, seaweed wrap), Jasmine or cream bath, ice treatment, and more. There is a selection of massages to choose from, combining modeling with basalt stones, hot oil, and manual techniques. The Stone Therapy, for example, relaxes the muscles and nerves. A 50-minute session costs €115 (around $150). In addition, the spa centre offers personal training sessions, including Pilates matwork, stretching, fitness, and muscular strengthening.

St Tropez Tourists can also choose from guided nature walks, trips to different locations, and a variety of activities such as horse riding, kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, and boating.. Les Bateaux Verts, for example, offers trips around Calanques de l'Estérel, Taillat and Lardier, and Cannes. They run shuttle boat services between Port Grimaud, St-Raphaël, and St Tropez. Polo Club de St-Tropez is a polo club that offers lessons to visitors keen to learn the rules of the royal game. The club has a restaurant as well. There are two diving schools, European Diving School and Octopussy. Bill Aout Sports rents wind surfs and canoes by the hour.

Classical concerts are held in Château La Moutte every summer (July and August). Tickets cost €45 ($60). The Nights of the Château La Moutte is a festival that celebrates the culture of different countries. Fado-Tango will be played to celebrate the cultural heritage of Argentina and Portugal this year.

The Musée Naval and Musée de l’Annonciade are two museums that hold interesting collections. Musée de l’Annonciade is housed in a former chapel and features works of art by Bonnard, Matisse, and Signac. Musée Naval is found in the St. Tropez Citadel and displays items associated with the 1944 Allied landings and the maritime history of the town. Tickets cost €5.50 (around $7.30). Finally, there are many chic beaches with golden sand. Plage des Salins is found east of town while Palmpellone Beach, one of the best beaches in France, is close to the 2nd tallest lighthouse in France.

Saint-Tropez-harbourThere are plenty of accommodation options to consider while planning your holiday – from apartments and guesthouses to midrange and top-end hotels. Pavillon de Pampelonne, for example, is a boutique hotel found within walking distance from Pampelonne Beach. All guestrooms are individually decorated and feature king-size beds. Activities such as diving, horse riding, and bicycle and boat hire are offered. Room rates start at $329 per night. Chateau De La Messardiere is another luxurious hotel, found in a renovated 19th century chateau. The hotel offers suites and rooms with private terraces and balconies. The hotel has a hammam and a spa centre and offers concierge services. Room rates start at $438 per night.

Those who are looking for midrange hotels can check Hotel Lou Cagnard and Hotel Le Mouillage. Hotel Lou Cagnard is located in a quiet residential area and offers clean and bright rooms with comfortable beds. The hotel has a beautiful garden, equipped with a hammock, chairs, and tables. Room rates start at $94. Hotel Le Mouillage is found 15 minutes from the town centre, shopping venues, restaurants, and cafes. The hotel offers stylish, tastefully decorated rooms with spacious, clean bathrooms. The property is excellent value for money, with room rates starting at $125 per night.

St Tropez Bay of PampeloneLa Bastide du Port is found within walking distance to the town centre and offers clean, air-conditioned rooms with modern bathrooms. Room rates start at $169 per night. Those who are looking for a truly luxurious hotel can check La Bastide de Saint Tropez. Here, rates start at $552. The rooms are elegantly furbished and immaculate, and the restaurant offers delicious meals. A private yacht offers trips to the Côte d’Azur beaches, Monaco, and Corsica.

There is a variety of restaurants in St. Tropez, from bakeries and pizza places to Thai, Japanese, Italian, and French restaurants. Bistro Canaille is a great pick for tourists who are looking for a trendy French restaurant that serves delicious and original dishes. Salama is the right place for those who love Moroccan food, offering authentic dishes and atmosphere. The menu includes a selection of dishes such as couscous with vegetables, Coucous Royal, and Tajine with prunes and lamb.

Hotel Bar Sube boasts good ambiance, with paintings of the sea, antiques, photographs of boats, and models of ships. Guests can choose from a selection of aperitifs and cocktails and try the delicious croissants. Those who are looking for a Tropezian restaurant can check La Part Des Anges. The food is reasonably priced, and the wine menu is impressive. The restaurant is found in a nice, quiet location, and the staff is attentive. In addition, St. Tropez has plenty of bars and clubs for the party lover. Some of the bars and cafes to check are Café de Paris, Les Caves du Roy, Le Pigeonnier, and La Bodega du Papagayo.
St Tropez Police Station
St Tropez Police Station, Gendarmerie

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