St. Tropez Neighbourhoods and Real Estate

If you are into real estate, you can look for properties in some of the St. Tropez neighbourhoods, especially if money is not a concern. A 3-bedroom, 3 bathroom house in the La Ponche neighborhood, with an area of 160 sq. meters will cost you around 2.9 million. You can get a house, with is turn key ready, with a spacious dining room and a kitchen, 3 large double rooms, a lounge area, and en suite bathrooms.

If you prefer to shop for St. Tropez real estate in the central part, the area has a lot to offer. For the price of around 3 million, you can find a 3-bedroom house, fully furnished and featured with a dining room, a spacious kitchen, 3 double bedrooms, dressing areas, and a magnificent roof terrace. Properties like this are sold complete with kitchenware (cutlery, glasses, plates, etc.) and bed linen. Moreover, you can find a house close to the best shops and restaurants in St. Tropez and minutes away from the La Ponche beach. For 3.050.00, you will be offered a house of about 130 sq. meters, found in the centre of St. Tropez, with wonderful views of the surrounding area and the water. Such houses are featured with a fitted kitchen, three bathrooms, three bedrooms, a terrace, air conditioning and central heating. You can expect to find a fully furnished house.

You can also buy an apartment if you prefer to, but some of them are even more expensive. For the price of 6.3 million, you can buy a 3-bedroom apartment in the port area, with a balcony of 70 sq. meters and wonderful views, in excellent condition. For this price, you will get a fitted kitchen, 1 shower room, 1 bathroom, and a living room of about 35 sq. meters. You can expect special features such as electric shutters, double glazing, digicode, and climatisation. If you are looking for a less expensive property, you can opt for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment with an area of 120 sq. meters for the price of 2.3 million. You will get a contemporary style duplex with a large dining room and living room, three double bedrooms, and amenities such as Wi-Fi, double glazing, and plasma screen TV. The apartment may be featured with large bay windows so that lots of light is coming through, opening magnificent views to St. Tropez. For slightly more or 2.6 million, you can buy a 4-bedroom apartment of around 190 sq. meters, close to Place of the Hotel de Ville. You will get an apartment with a superior plan, consisting of a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and 4 bedrooms.

Of course, you can find a much cheaper place, but it may be much smaller as well. If you are looking for St. Tropez condos close to the ocean front, you can get a studio of 17 sq. meters for around 190,000. For slightly more or 230,000, you can get a studio of 1 room, a kitchen and 1 bathroom, with an area of 34 sq. meters. Then, a flat with two rooms and a swimming pool, in good condition, will cost you around 335,000. The flat is featured with a terrace and a kitchen, and the total area is around 45 sq. meters. This is a very good investment, even if you buy a less spacious apartment in the area. You can let the property for 500 to 800 a week, and if you buy a 4- or 5-bedroom house, you can let it for 2,500 to 4,500 a week.