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St. Peterís Abbey Ė The Benedictine Abbey was found in 700 by St. Rupert. The church was built in high-Romanesque style, but in the early 17th century was decorated with Baroque elements.

St. Peterís Abbey is one of the many buildings in Salzburg that contains elements from Romanesque to Rococo Style. The church is decorated with art treasures and paintings by Kremser Schmidt.

In St. Peterís Abbey Mozart premiered his Mass in C Minor in 1783. His wife, Constanze was singing the lead soprano role.

Where is St. Peterís Abbey: St. Peter Bezirk

How to get to St. Peterís Abbey: By bus 5, 6, or 55

Opening Hours: Daily - April-September, 6:30 AM-7 PM; October-March, 6:30 AM-6 PM

St Peters Abbey Salzburg
St Peters Abbey, Salzburg

St Peters Abbey Salzburg
St Peters Abbey

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