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The Tribune Tower is another well known building in located in the city of Chicago, with a unique history. The design of the Tribune building was the brainchild of Raymond Hood and John Howell, who designed the building in an attempt to win a competition hosted by the Chicago Daily Tribune for the most eye-catching and beautiful building in the world. Hood and Howell succeeded in their endeavor, and the Tribune Tower came to be known as one of the most famous buildings in the city. The Tribune Tower is unique in that it has more of a Gothic design compared to the more modern and contemporary buildings that were being built at that time period. Construction of the tower was completed in 1925 and the structure has been a Chicago landmark ever since.

What many people find so interesting about the Tribune Tower is that the building itself contains many unusual rocks in its construction. Visible at street level and labeled for those interested, the wall of the Tribune Tower contains rock fragments from the Colosseum in Rome, the Great Wall of China and the Alamo. In recent years, a steel fragment from the World Trade Center in New York has also been added to the wall. There is also a moon rock in the collection, however the moon rock is not part of the wall and is instead on display in the building.

Though it caused controversy at first, the Tribune Tower has become one of Chicago's most beloved landmarks and is considered to be a remarkable feat in architecture. Located on the Magnificent Mile just opposite of the Wrigley building and close to Michigan Avenue Bridge the Tribune Tower is definitely worth a stop on any Chicago tour, so that visitors may be awed by its splendor.
Tribune Tower Chicago
Where is the Tribune Tower: Magnificent Mile, 435 N. Michigan Avenue

How to get to Tribune Tower: By Subway to Grand station on the red line

Tribune Tower Chicago

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User Comments about Tribune Tower

Mike McD. says:
The Tribune Tower has been one of my favorite buildings since I first saw it in Dec. of 1964. It won first place in that worldwide contest back in 1922 and has been the "Crown of Michigan Avenue" since. There is a company which makes a perfect replica of it. The replica can be purchased in miniature and in perfect representation from "In Focus Tech" I had suggested dong the Tribune Tower and the owner of the site agreed. It really looks exactly like the Tribune Tower. There are countless other famous skyscraper replicas, but this is really special. If you love this great American masterpiece of architecture, I suggest you at least look at its perfect reproduction and perhaps own one, as I do. This is unsolicited and candid, but the Tribune Tower now lives in my living room, in New York City. I love it. Mike McD.

gabriel says:
It's truly gothic inspired architecture. Another Chicago Landmark! The best thing about it is the stones from different building around the world engraved into its walls.

Dave says:
I work in the Tower and enjoy reading the famous quotes etched into the walls of the lobby and by the elevators. The elevator doors are very unique as is the old telephone station on the first floor.