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Vatican City (Cittŗ del Vaticano) is the center of the catholic world and the headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church. What is unique about Vatican is that it is a sovereign state since 1929, within the city of Rome. It is the smallest country in world with area of 0.44 sq km (0.2 sq miles). Vatican City has about 1000 residents - priests, nuns, guards, and of course the Pope. The Vatican city attracts millions of visitors and worshipers every year. The city state is protected by its own military, the Swiss Guards.

To enter Vatican City you have to go to St. Peterís Square (Piazza San Pietro). This is a monumental elliptical shaped piazza, laid out by Bernini in 1656-1667. It has 284 columns in Doric style which are arranged in 4 rows. 140 statues of saints adorn the piazza. St. Peterís Square is the entrance to St. Peterís Basilica which is the largest church in the world. At the center of the Piazza San Pietro is an Egyptian obelisk erected in 1586 and 2 identical fountains.

A tour of the Vatican museums is a must. They are home of the most valuable and priceless art collection in the world including frescos, paintings and statues. Art from Egypt, Assyria, Etruscan, Greek and Roman Art, as well as Early Christian Art and Renaissance Art can be seen. The Sistine Chapel and the Raphael rooms are also here at the Vatican.
Sistine Chapel Vatican

Opening hours of the Vatican Museums: 8:45 AM to 4:45 PM; during the winter it is closed at 1:45PM.

Donít forget to wear long sleeves and pants. Shorts are not permitted.
Spiral staircase Vatican Museum
St. Peter's Basilica rooftop statues Vatican
St. Peter's Basilica rooftop statues, Vatican

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Vatican museums
Vatican Museums

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