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Venice Beach When you go to L.A. you have to go to the beach. Venice Beach has a lively boardwalk with colorful crowd; you can find rollerscaters, artists, palm readers and street dancers, performers and vendors of any sort.

Venice Beach is a great place to spend an afternoon. This historic beach has transformed itself through the decades to become a true icon of counter-culture and it has influenced many legendary performers and societal movements. Today, the vibrancy of Venice Beach is undeniable. The boardwalk and beach is famous the world over and every sun-filled day brings visitors flocking to take full advantage of the opportunities to shop, dine, enjoy outdoor sports, or just people watch. There are a multitude of attractions and something to appeal to every visitor.

The stretch along the boardwalk and down to the pier can be enjoyed with a casual stroll. For a more active experience, this expanse is perfect for skating, rollerblading, skateboarding or bicycling. Venice Beach is a great place to spend a day getting some exercise. For the more extreme athlete, surfing and swimming is plentiful.

One of the attractions at Venice beach is the Muscle Club an outdoor gym where Arnold Schwarznegger used to go and is still popular among the body-builders. Muscle Beach offers a great workout opportunity or just a chance to watch some heavyweights tossing iron. There are basketball, volleyball and handball courts, too. The beach brings the best of the gym experience into the fresh ocean air.

A more casual, low impact day can be spent just enjoying the many street vendors, food, and entertainment. Restaurants and snack food stands abound along the beach. There is everything from classics like hamburgers, hotdogs and cotton candy to vegetarian and Middle Eastern dishes. Vacationers will enjoy watching street performers ply their trade while they eat. On any given day the beach may be host to mimes, magicians, jugglers, clowns, stilt walkers, caricature artists or a combination of these! Hollywood has been known to make appearances along Venice Beach, too. The many people, restaurants and shopping to explore along the beach make this not only a great tourist destination but it appeals to the locals as well.

Venice Beach in Los Angeles must truly be experienced firsthand. The scenery, people and activities around the beach and boardwalk that is available for the vacationer's enjoyment are unparalleled. Any family will have a wonderful time taking in the truly unique atmosphere that makes Venice Beach a one-of-a-kind tourist destination.

Where is Venice Beach: West Los Angeles close to Santa Monica
Venice Beach Los Angeles

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