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The National Mall is a two-mile corridor, of public parkland that serves as the centerpiece of magnificent art and history museums and public monuments commemorating the history of the American, political system. Over the years, the Mall has also been the site for political demonstrations, and activities supporting various, social causes, like homelessness. There is certainly always something going on in America’s National Mall that along with, tours of such monuments as, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and world-class museums, makes for a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

History - The National Mall acreage, was designated as parklands, during the initial planning of Washington, DC in the late 1700s, however nothing came of it until years later, in 1901, when the Mall was re-designed as a national, open space to showcase the nation’s history and culture with museums and historical memorials. The showpiece of the Mall is the towering Washington Monument, a tall, white obelisk that looms in the sky on the western edge of the Mall that was constructed in George Washington’s memory in 1884.

The U.S. Capitol anchors the Mall on the eastern edge, with plenty of things to see and do in between. A visitor can spend days and days touring all the attractions along the Mall, and still not see it all. Throughout the 1900s to the present, many monuments and new museums were added to the Mall’s attractions, along with a tidal basin lined with Cherry Blossom Trees, and the most recent World War II Memorial, constructed in 2004.

Museums and Monuments - Both the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, are stunning, neoclassical structures, that are not to be missed, especially at night when the memorials are illuminated. The Vietnam Memorial draws millions of visitors every year, for a view of its stark remembrance of fallen and missing soldiers who served in the Vietnam War.

The Mall is lined with a wealth of superb, art and history museums including the, National Gallery of Art, Museum of the American Indian, National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of Natural History, Hirshhorn Museum, and Smithsonian Castle.

Where is the National Mall: Bordered by Madison Dr NW, Jefferson Dr SW, 3rd St SW and 14 St NW

How to get to the National Mall: Subway to Smithsonian or Federal Triangle Stations (blue, orange Lines)

National Mall Washington and US CapitolReflecting Pool and Lincoln Monument National Mall Washington

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