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Pisa is one of the few cities many people would like to visit. Some people come here as tourist some for business reasons but whatever the reason may be if you didn't get the hotel which best suits you, then your trip won't be the way you want it to be. Choosing the right hotel is the most important and the toughest part of a trip. Many important factors such as, the rates, location, atmosphere, service and many more count when choosing the right hotel. If some of these factors are not in the level you expected then you will have stress.

Pisa Airport Hotels:

If you are in town on a business trip then a hotel near an airport would be the ideal choice for you. There are many options in Pisa which could suit your expectations. You can find some of them below.

Golden Tulip Galilei Pisa: This hotel is located near the airport and the motorway. It is very easy to reach the city center and the airport by car or taxi. It is one of the best hotels present in Pisa.
Hotel Relais Dell'orologio: This is a top class 5 star hotel with elegant rooms, suites, gardens and so much more. It is one of the top rated hotels present in Pisa city.
Hotel Di Stefano: It is located in the excellent place and is very easy to visit main spots of Pisa city.
Hotel Bologna: This hotel is near the railway station and contains an elegant building with lots resources available. You can have a comfortable night with everything you could expect from clean, spacious room to best services.
Hotel La Pace: This is a 3 star hotel located very near to the railway station with comfortable rooms and other things.
Hotel Alessandro Della Spina: This is a 3 star hotel with an excellent location with outstanding services.
Hotel Astor: This is a 2 star hotel with good staffs and clean rooms, for budget trips this is one of the best lodging options of Pisa city.
Relais Dei Fiori: This hotel has good atmosphere with excellent location. It is one of the top rated lodging options present in Pisa city.

Pisa city Motels:

If you are looking for Motels in Pisa city, you can find few deals here.

Grand Duomo Hotel Pisa: This motel has 94 rooms with almost all the facilities required and is near the leaning tower. Grand Duomo Hotel Pisa is also near a ton of other amazing attractions as well.
La Pace Hotel Pisa: This motel has 65 rooms with many facilities and has excellent location; you can enjoy your time with this hotel.

Pisa Downtown city Hotels:

If you are going to visit Pisa city in a budget trip, then it is best to choose an affordable location otherwise most of the budget will be spent on the accommodation and there won't be anything left to enjoy your time in the city. There are many discount hotels and cheap city motels available in the area that can provide most of the services offered in the top rated hotels. You can find these hotels by searching a little on the internet and talking to your travel agent. There are many hotels which offer discounts for last minute bookings, just do a small research in the internet and you can find many ways to reduce the cost of your accommodation sometimes you can get discounts of up to 60% in hotels. You can also search for short term rentals.